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Welcome to the home of the The Logical Learning Company Pty Ltd and the Easy Learn range of computer products. This Australian company brings a logical format to the computer keyboard making it much easier for non-typists and beginners to use.

Did you know the current computer keyboard layout was designed to slow typists up so they wouldn't jam the typewriter levers and was first patented in 1874. That's 135 years ago! Talk about obsolete.

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Buy abckeyboards now
Buy abckeyboards now

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As a parent of 2 school children aged 9 & 11, I found the concept of the ABC keyboard a fantastic idea. My boys each had a play with it and both said 'It's much easier to use than the one at school".

Kat W

Well the new keyboard is a hit! Kids like it!

Jackie M

As a man who is in my 50's and still learning how to type on my computer I found the ABC Keyboard so easy to use. It makes so much sense to me because we all learn our ABC's at such a young age. Now I can type much easier and faster. I will not go back to the other keyboard again.

Kurt G

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Mike is excited to be part of the Easy Learning Keyboard team. As a qualified teacher Mike took one look at the Easy Learn layout and immediately saw the benefits that the logical and instinctive layout will have on increasing a child's ability to use a computer
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We took the Easy Learn Keyboard to our youngest son's school as it was apparent from speaking to his teacher that Eric was having trouble with English.

The other day Eric came home from school extremely excited. Since he has been using the new "ABC" keyboard he is able to type faster than his class mates. The other children now want to use the new keyboard.

Allison P
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