Q: Why do the lower case keys help children use the keyboard easier?

A: Think back to when you started learning your alphabet. You were taught lower case a,b,c sounds and letters well before you learned the upper case sounds of A,B,C. Now, imagine a young child searching the keyboard for the letter 'a'. The 'a' is not at the top left of the keyboard where the child expects to find it. Even more daunting the child can't find 'a' on the keyboard at all. Lower case 'a' looks nothing like upper case 'A'. Eleven letters in the Alphabet have no resemblance between upper and lower case. aA,bB,dD,eE,gG,hH,lL,nN,qQ,rR,and tT. Children learning on our keyboard recognise the lower case letters and the logical left to right, top to bottom approach.

Q: Do I have to keep swapping keyboards when I want to use the computer?

A: No, the Easy Learn Keyboard plugs in via a USB port so two keyboards can be plugged into the one computer at the same time. Whichever key you touch on either keyboard will work.

Q: Why would I let my child learn on this keyboard when they will have to relearn on the standard Qwerty keyboard later?

A: Learning the alphabet is hard enough for a young mind to learn. The Easy Learn Keyboard reinforces the alphabet at a crucial time in a young child's mind. Kid's love computers and can very quickly pick up the standard keyboard at a later time.