Easy Learn English Assist is a comprehensive software tool that assists both children and adults to learn English. English Assist allows anyone to experience reading and writing with minimal supervision and экскурсии в парк патриот, resulting in an increased willingness to learn. Designed with maximum versatility in mind, English Assist can be configured and customised to suit each person’s individual learning needs.

Key Features

  • Visual tracking exercises
  • Auditory feedback
  • Decoding and comprehension support
  • Talking spell checker
  • Customisable visual cues
  • Proof reading support
  • Load text from the internet, e-mail or other electronic source
  • Personalised font, colour and voice settings

English Assist is developed by ReadOn Pty Ltd exclusively for The Logical Learning Company Pty Ltd. English Assist is currently only available when bundled with the Easy Learn Keyboard for sale in India.