Welcome to the home of the The Logical Learning Company Pty Ltd and the Easy Learn range of computer products. This Australian company brings a logical format to the computer keyboard making it much easier for non-typists and beginners to use.

Did you know the current computer keyboard layout was designed to slow typists up so they wouldn't jam the typewriter levers and was first patented in 1874. That's 135 years ago! Talk about obsolete.

Modern society is moving away from this keyboard layout as it is no longer relevent and hasn't been since the demise of the typewriter. Some examples of modern technology that uses simple, logical, ABC formats are: Kid's Learning Laptop toys, Mobile Phone Keypads, Telephone Keypads, GPS systems, Airport Check-in automated systems, Labellers.

We are taught from an early age to read from left to right and top to bottom. It therefore makes no sense to continue using the jumbled Qwerty keyboard.  Why should you buy our keyboard?:

The logical ABC format is much easier for beginners to find the letters.

Our keys have both Upper & Lower Case letters on each key. Our children are taught in lower case letters so they find letters more recognisable.

Retirees & the elderly do not need to learn such an outdated format.

Disabled users also find the format much easier to use.

For information on the Easy Learn Keyboard please use the top menu and to buy online go to the very right of the top menu.